A three-step approach to tackling the fatigue of change through culture transformation –

Naz: Make change easy

Some culture changes may not be successful with top-down implementation. These are big initiatives for which it is necessary to buy employees A subtle naz method can tempt employees to go in the right direction.

Many experts encourage companies to embrace change in their employees. That may apply to a variety of Naz business areas.

Meeting structure Najes

As much as employees may dislike meetings, they help teams strategize and share. But executives can put pressure on their team to talk about the right thing when they get together.

Grant Freeland, senior partner and managing director of Boston Consulting Group, writes about a company that used this method. The company wanted to put “customers first”, but after analysis realized that customers were rarely discussed at the executive meeting. At the top of the agenda is re-focusing on customer placement meetings.

Another Naz is establishing a “desired outcome” meeting method, so Sao, co-author of “Momentum: Creating Effective, Attractive and Pleasant Meetings”. The meeting leader decides who should be present based on the desired outcome of the meeting and then shares the desired outcome with the participants before the meeting. The results are repeated throughout the meeting, and at the end, the team evaluates its progress.

Although these methods differ from each other, both set a specific goal and set an agenda. Strategies can transform any meeting.

Nosing office design

Changing where employees sit and what they see in the workplace can be a powerful way to drive teams to new behaviors.

Jeff Pochepan, President and CEO of Office Design and Furniture Installation Firm StrongProject, writes, “You should think about how this could be,” wrote Jeff Pochepan, President and CEO of Office Design and Furniture Installation Firm StrongProject. A frequent employee would be better used to solve a challenge, such as calling in a busy modular workspace or having a quick peer brainstorming session. “

An open office plan may be right for some companies, especially when combined with huddle space and conference rooms. Other businesses may nudge by adding more barriers and personal space.

“If collaboration and problem-solving are your company’s core values, then an open floor plan may not be the best approach. Open floor plans are theoretically a great idea, but often it’s a library versus collaboration and comfort. To offer private office space.” Laura Bruffy and Andre Philip write for WorkDesign Magazine.

Stuffing Najes

Senior level executives have the opportunity to change job assignments. Sometimes that nudge can lead to insights that transform the culture.

For example, if your company wants to develop a culture of customer service, you can ask each staff member to deal with a customer. Lane Markidan, a strategy consultant, says companies can encourage everyone to respond to a customer support request every day. If there are not enough tickets to get around, responsibilities may shift from employees to departments. Such a change could quickly transfer your culture.

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