In memory of Bob the BA – The Uncommon League

On Monday, September 14th, surrounded by his family and friends, Bob Prentice ended his battle with cancer. Bob faced cancer the way he faced every challenge in life: he tackled it forward, revised his plans, and did everything he could at the time he left. Bob shared his journey openly and fearlessly on his blog. The site will be there to inspire and support people who have gone through similar challenges. Please share your notes, messages and Bob’s memories.

Bob has lived his life to the fullest in every moment to make the world a little better in every interaction. Bob would often say, “It’s about people and connecting deeply with them to help them change their lives for the better. That has to come first. The rest is not important.” In Bob’s memory, consider carrying on the legacy of the leader you embrace, share your knowledge and gifts with others, fight for the changes you believe in, tell bad jokes, and sing your life out fearlessly.

Our founders Paul Crosby and Jane Batten, along with our entirely unusual league team, are committed and passionate about advancing our mission to help the world think, learn and act differently. Unusual League will continue to be a driving force for providing innovative, meaningful, and engaging business analysis training.

We thank you in advance for your continued support and patience in working through changes to our schedule, announcements and other arrangements.

We are grateful and humble by your thoughts, prayers and incredible support.


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