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Imagine being the owner of a clothing store and trying to drive traffic to your website through advertising. After a month or two, your website is getting more hits and you’re getting more email subscribers. You get excited, you start sending everyday content to your customers, highlighting all your current clothing sales and new arrivals. Although some time passes, and you notice that the number of subscribers to your website has started to decrease. What was wrong? Only if you know who is subscribing to your site in the first place. Are they young professionals? Parents with children? New or returning customer in store? If you can create your content for each type of customer, you can send them relative content and increase your sales. This is the idea behind Persona Floss.

First let’s talk about personality. A personality is a set of traits that define a person or an aspect of a person. Think financial CEO. Environmentalists. Dog lover. There is an infinite range of individuals and people can have more than one person. Your personality, for example, may be completely different from home when you are at work. When it comes to marketing, understanding the people you target is vital to implementing the best strategies for running your business. If you want to market to people in Austin, Texas, you may have a personality for people living in Austin so you can market local content to them instead of Seattle-based content. Listed below are some more examples of what your customer personality might be:

  • What inspired them
  • What they like and dislike about an offer
  • What percentage can accomplish important work
  • How easily they understand how to do things
  • They think about how efficiently they can do their jobs
  • How useful specific features
  • Any valuable features are missing, and little or no valuable features can be removed
  • Any content and terminology resonates with them
  • How they react to looks and feelings
  • Why do they do what they do

OK, so you’ve identified the people you want to target for your business. Now, how do you actually get people to match those people, turn them into leads, and sell them your product? This is where Persona Flow comes in. Persona Flow guides you through the process of drawing potential leads and transforming a client based on their chosen personality.

In the figure above, each oval-shaped step matches a specific content that is suitable for marketing to your customer where they fall into the stream. An alternative when you create a flow is a callout showing a preview of the content.

The other shape you will see in the diagram is the step of the diamond decision. These steps present the triggers for continuing to communicate with your potential customers. They can help you determine if someone is ready to experience more personalized content or to jump from the prospect to the customer.

Each persona flow focuses on the customer acquisition process for an individual. For example, if you own a grocery store, you may have a personality for customers with small children and a personality for customers with special dietary restrictions. You will record marketing steps for each of these individuals in an individual stream.

Persona Flock is divided into swimming lanes to help guide marketers through each stage of the acquisition process. In our example, we are using marketing funnels (TOFU, MOFU, and BOFU) for this purpose. The TOFU, or Funnel Top, is for lane lead making and includes materials that work to expand and attract people to your business. MOFU, in the middle of the funnel, alley for a generated lead, has marketed useful content for them based on how they have interacted with you so far. BOFU, below the funnel, includes the content after the person in the alley buys your product. This content can further personalize and highlight upsell opportunities.

So, let’s rewrite the example of our clothing store. As your ads begin to drive more traffic to your website, you can set up a survey by asking new email subscribers some questions about themselves. What is their age range? How would they describe their personality from a set of options? Or maybe you just started tracking and analyzing the popular items on your website and the ones that are often purchased together. Once your data is done, you create personality and develop content for each. You organize data into Persona Flows and suddenly know who would like to see a glimpse of your new summer swimwear line, who should be invited to your pop-up store next month, and who desperately need a discount coupon. By creating your content for your audience, you attract and retain your potential leads and turn them into returning customers.

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