Sing Your Life Foundation – The Uncommon League is being announced

The Uncommon League has announced the establishment of the Sing Your Life Foundation in memory of Bob Prentice the Badass BA, founder of the Bob the BA Company and co-founder of the Uncommon League Bob Prentice the Badass BA.

The Sing Your Life Foundation (SYLF) will carry on Bob’s legacy by helping the world think, learn and act differently. The Foundation is committed to the amazing work of the analytical community in supporting emerging BA leaders and their passion for making the world a better place.

“We focus on the people first and the rest comes later. This is a key value of the Unusual League. The Sing Your Life Foundation is a non-profit extension of our values ​​to build a better community and support emerging leaders “, said Paul Crosby, CEO of The Uncommon League. The Foundation Scholarship Awards will focus on “Bads” Awards for Outstanding Analytical Courage and Leadership, Nonprofit School Curriculum for Teaching Leadership and Analytical Skills, and Emerging Leaders Leadership Events.

The ethical compass of this foundation is to always guide professionals to do the right thing for people, projects and organizations so that value can be maximized and exceptional results can be achieved. We believe those who use their knowledge, skills and experience after the “badass badge” to challenge negative behavior and entitlements and speak the truth to the authorities because they curse.

Consider supporting Sing Your Life today.

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